Integrated Transport Information System

This system is to display traffic of major roads by graphic and search related information based on GIS. The system is designed to be able to tolerate two major peak times(Seolnal and Chuseok) when most people travel to meet friends and family in South Korea.

  • Designed to handle over 100,000 concurrent connections at peak time
  • Possible to provide 1 million tiles per hour by one cache server
  • Generating image tile for 14 level service after processing all traffic information of 24 thousands road links within one minute
  • Presenting colors as green, yellow, and red on the map by the level of traffic congestion
  • Possible to search local traffic information by zoom in or out
  • Possible to search CCTV information at transport map of related national roads

● Presented at FOSS4G 2013

Integrated Transport Information System
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