Digital Forecasting System

KMA(Korea Meteorology Administration) Digital forecasting system is to provide various kinds of editable, specific and quantitative forecasting factors based on grid data generated by equally dividing the whole area of South Korea into 5km grids – 149 from East to West by 253 from South to North.

Product Features

  • Client and server system to seamlessly edit and notice live, very short-term, and short-term forecasting
  • Quantitative forecasting with 12 forecasting factors every three hours within 48 hours
  • Displaying forecasting factors with numbers and graphic data
  • Providing visualized time series editing functions based on numerical model materials of digital forecasting system
  • Providing various editing tools and spatial grid editing functions based on value and color palette by forecasting factors
  • Providing Lua based user programmable tool
  • Providing thumbnail functions and editing log for forecasting cooperation


  • 2008 Awarded the Prize of the Managing Director of Korea Meteorological Administration (No. 2293)
  • 2006 Awarded the Presidential Citation(No. 156239) on World Meteorological Day


  • No. 10-0660643 / Method of modification weather data through changing isoplethic curves
  • No. 10-0660644 / Method of editing weather data
Digital Forecasting System
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