Real case of FMS(Facility Management System) using BoG(BIM on GIS). The main purpose of this project is to develop a so-called BoG(BIM on GIS) system that could integrate and manage in-door and out-door information in a seamless way. Numerous researches have been conducted to integrate BIM(Building Information Model) and 3D GIS for integration of in-door and out-door information. However it is found that it is difficult to integrate BIM and 3D GIS models at the same time, because of differences in data model and domains. We developed new Web3D GIS platform called BoG system that could combine traditional out-door based 3D GIS and in-door BIM information. This new Web3D GIS platform could handle geometry and attribute information of BIM and 3D GIS at the same time. This may give new impression and possibilities for managing urban infrastructures. Ultimately with this system, user can handle and manage the spatial information from the earth scale to office desk scale. As a conclusion, BoG system could open new possibilities for urban scale facility and energy management. This project was funded by KOPRI(KOrea Polar Research Institute) and implemented by Gaia3D, Inc.

FMS(Facility Management System) using BIM On GIS
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