• FOSS4G 부큐레스티 2019 발표 자료 공유 안내

    2019-09-11 by

    안녕하세요? 가이아쓰리디는 8월 26일부터 30일까지 루마니아 부큐레스티에서 개최된 2019년도 국제 FOSS4G 대회에서 모두 세 건의 발표를 하였습니다. 그 발표 자료를 공유해 드립니다. 참고하시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다. 가이아쓰리디(주) mago3D 관련: https://www.slideshare.net/endofcap/current-state-of-mago3d-an-open-source-based-digital-twin-platform 오픈소스GIS 기반 국방 공간정보포털 관련: https://www.slideshare.net/endofcap/lets-power-the-analytics-and-3d-to-the-web-based-military-geoportal-using-foss4g 벡터타일을 이용한 전구 바닷바람 서비스… Read more

  • 자율주행차량 관제

    Seoul C-ITS Autonomous Vehicles Control Center

    2019-06-23 by

    In Sangam, we built control center using 3D platform so called mago3D for 5G autonomous driving testbeds of seoul Using mago3D, we can display maps with high-density point cloud data and high precision road map and overlaid the location of… Read more

  • Gaia3D at Geospatial World Forum

    2019-03-28 by

    Dear All, Gaia3D will attend Geospatial World Forum as an exhibitor this year. Geospatial World Forum will take place at Taets Art & Event Park, Amsterdam from 2~4th April. Gaia3D will exhibit its DigitalTwin solution mago3D there. Please visit our… Read more

  • Gaia3D announces at the 110th OGC General Meeting

    2019-03-13 by

    Dear All, From February 25 to March 1, the Gai Asriduri delegation made an announcement on the integration UI/UX, indoors and outside, at the 110th OGC General Assembly held at the National University of Singapore. You can find this announcement… Read more

  • GS

    mago3D, earned GS certification level 1

    2019-01-29 by

    Dear All, Mago3D, an open source-based digital twin solution from Gaia3D, earned GS certification level 1. GS certification is a national certification system that evaluates and certifies the quality of software functional conformance, performance efficiency, reliability, usability and security according… Read more

  • Mr. Shin won the Minister’s official commendation!

    2018-12-03 by

    Dear all, We’re very pleased to share this great news with you. Mr. Shin, CEO & President of Gaia3D, won the official commendation from Minister of Science and ICT, Korea, for continuous contribution to open source. We’ll keep our contributing… Read more

  • Gaia3D sponsored OSGeo Java Code Sprint 2018

    2018-10-22 by

    Hi there, Gaia3D is quite pleased to sponsor OSGeo Java 2018 Code Sprint this year once again. The code sprint starts today and will continue till to this Friday. Have a great event there! Thanks. Gaia3D, Inc.

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