Gaia3D Inc. is a professional software company in the field of geospatial information and Earth science technology. We believe that deep understanding in regard to space and the Earth solves various problems that human-beings are facing and definitely contributes sustaining development of human-beings and society. We will do our best to reach world class level in geospatial information and the Earth science technology area in order to prove what we believe is right.

Gaia3D Inc. believes the value of openness and collaboration. Rapid technological changes and unpredictable future might be new challenge to us. We will get over those challenges through active collaboration with excellent human resources and partners from outside. We will realize the value of openness and collaboration throughout active use of open source software, support for open source software communities, and strategic alliance with various external partners.

Gaia3D Inc. pursuits shared growth with customers and employees. We acknowledge that a company’s success is highly linked with customers’ growth, so we will constantly endeavor for the growth of our customers. Furthermore, we acknowledge that the growth of employees and societies will definitely contribute to our success, so we will strive for the accomplishment of high profits and high quality growths for the employee and societies. Because the value that we pursuit hardly can be accomplished without of high profits and high quality growths.

Thank you very much.

Gaia3D Inc.,

CEO Shin, Sanghee