KAOS-G is a GIS Full Stack Solution for reliable service, management and analysis of spatial information. Web GIS Control, Desktop GIS, GIS Service Server and Spatial DBMS are integrated to provide organic connectivity and stable service.

It is based on well-known open source sources that have proven reliability and performance around the world. It is designed for large-scale commercial services. GS 1 grade certification (16-0469) was acquired in December 2016, I was also recognized for quality.

▶ Product Features

  • Provides stable performance when large volumes of data are provided to a large number of users
  • Full Stack configuration covering the whole range of GIS system configuration
  • Easily extend functionality with an open architecture
  • Technical support based on know-how accumulated in many actual projects
  • Stable application in cloud, etc. as a preparation for system expansion
  • Korean coordinate system problem and Hangul problem solving
  • OGC Standard Compliance
  • Runs on all major operating systems including Linux, Windows and MacOS
  • Compatible with eGoveframework

Including SW

  • KAOS-G GeoServer: Spatial Server with OGC standard interface
  • KAOS-G OpenLayers: Web Service Client for Spatial data
  • KAOS-G QGIS: Desktop tools for processing / analyzing spatial data (included in total service package only)
  • KAOS-G PostGIS: DBMS for spatial data operations and management (included in total service package only)

▶ products

  • GeoServer for KAOS-G
    • For customers who need spatial information service on the Internet
    • GeoServer , OpenLayers included

  • Enterprise version
    • 8~32 or less cores per 1 server, No limit to the number of users
    • Support Oracle, MS SQL Server, Tibero and so on
    • 4 times On-site support, Online support within 20 during business hours
    • 2 voucher(for tutorial)
  • Professional version
    • 8 or less cores per 1 server
    • Support PostGIS, Oracle, MS SQL Server
    • 2 times On-site support, Online support within 10 during business hours
    • 1voucher(for tutorial)
  • Standard version
    • 8 or less cores per 1 server
    • Support PostGIS
    • Online support within 5 during business hours , without on-site support

For detailed quotation and specification inquiry, please contact sales@gaia3d.com.

Use Case

  • LH for GIS Bank (2016)
  • National Health Insurance Corporation Long-term Care Integrated Information System(2016)